Micro Site

For small, brochure-like sites
5 Pages
2 Layouts
$75 Per Additional Page

Small Site

Great for small businesses
9 - 18 pages
3 Layouts
$96 Per Additional Page

Large Site

Most Popular Plan
31 - 40 pages
6 Layouts
$55 Per Additional Page

Custom Site

Contact Us
Perfect for large businesses
60 pages +
Unlimited Layouts
Cost Per Page Varies


Micro Hosting

Best for small websites
200 Database Items
3 Admin Users
1 Domain (Top Level)

Starter Hosting

Most Popular Plan
500 Database Items
1000 Email Notifications
3 Admin Users
1 Domain (Top Level)
1000 API Calls

Lite Hosting

Medium Businesses
1000 Database Items
2500 Email Notifications
3 Admin Users
2 Domain (Top Level)
5000 API Calls

Plus Hosting

Best for Marketing Sites
1.5 GB Storage
5,000 Database Items
5,000 Email Notifications
3 Admin Users
3 Domain (Top Level)
10,000 API Calls

Pro Hosting

Growing Sites
2 GB Storage
10,000 Database Items
10,000 Email Notifications
5 Admin Users
3 Domain (Top Level)
20,000 API Calls

Growth Hosting

Best for Applications
3 GB Storage
15,000 Database Items
15,000 Email Notifications
10 Admin Users
4 Domain (Top Level)
30,000 API Calls

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Alexis Croff

"The designs are always timely, edits are very quick, and communication is on-point. This is the type of working relationship all organizations need with their designer."
John Bell

"Well beyond what we could even conceive. We can highly recommend!"

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